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Water Recycle Systems


The WRS 52 Recycle System is designed to solve wash water disposal problems for the very high volume user. This extra high capacity completely automatic treatment unit will collect dirty, oily wash water and process it so that it can be reused in the washing operation. The recycle feed pump transfers the dirty water from a collection sump to the treatment unit. Reagents are automatically added to the water to kill bacteria and odours, neutralize the pH, and remove pollutants such as oil, grease, dirt, and sludge. These reagents, which are commonly used in drinking water treatment, actually make the water much more environmentally friendly and less hazardous for personnel doing the washing. The treated water is then stored until needed for washing.

The WRS 52 treats up to 16 gpm (23000 gpd), which is plenty for even very large washing operations. This unit is equipped with many convenience features, including automatic priming valves for the reagent pumps, integral water storage tank, and filters status pressure gage. It comes completely assembled and wired, ready to be set in place and plugged into a 15 amp, 115 volt outlet. The water discharge from the integral storage tank is pressurized to feed your pressure washers, even if they are remotely located. Premium components ensure the most trouble-free operation possible.

Illustration of the WRS 52 Recycle System


Rated flow:

Up to 16 gpm (23000 gpd)

Electrical requirement:

115 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 phase, 15 amp total.

Recycle feed pump:

Self-priming centrifugal cast iron pump with 1/2 HP thermally protected motor. Mounted on the machine base. Controlled by float switch in collection pit. Suction line strainer and foot valve are provided.

Discharge pump:

High head centrifugal pump with 1/2 HP thermally protected motor. Provides pressurized water flow to pressure washer and other uses.

Electrical controls:

GFCI provided, prewired with 15 amp plug, 10 ft cord Lighted switches. pH controller with digital display. NEMA 4 rated enclosure.

Reagent metering pumps:

Electronic controlled diaphragm pumps with stroke rate and stroke length controls and automatic degassing head for ease of priming. Three pumps are supplied, for coagulant, oxidizer, and pH adjuster. Pumps are mounted in a fiberglass enclosure.

Inlet strainer:

Sludge collection system:

Recycle tank capacities:

Connection sizes:

Shipping Weight:

Large size with stainless steel screen in corrosion resistant plastic housing.

Filter system:

Two 20" long 20 micron filter cartridges for final polishing.

Four large, disposable fabric socks collect sludge.

Make-up water:

100 psi maximum pressure. Automatically added as required by application.

Coagulant tank- 180 gallons

Separator tank- 240 gallons

Storage tank- 150 gallons

Total water capacity- 570 gallons

Recycle construction:

Heavy duty polypropylene tank with unitized construction. Schedule 80 PVC pipe used throughout. Heavy steel base assembly.

Machine inlet- 1 1/2 MNPT

Treated water outlet- 1 FNPT

Drain line- 1 FNPT

Make up water- 1/2 FNPT

Overall dimensions:

8 ft 0 in long, 4 ft 2 in deep, 4 ft 3 in tall

900 pounds


Second pH adjusting pump system. Additional treated water storage capacity. Sand filter final polishing system. Activated carbon water polishing systems. Ozone treatment. Pre-treatment systems, oil skimmers, and oily water separators. Graduated reagent containers. Custom modifications available.

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