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Water Recycle Systems

Solve Your Waste Water Problems with a Water Recycle System

  • We provide industrial waste water solutions across North America.

Cascade WRS water recycle systems are designed to solve your wash water disposal problems. These completely automatic treatment units will collect your dirty, oily wash water and process it so that it can be reused in your washing operation. The recycle feed pump transfers the dirty water from a collection sump, or pit, to the treatment unit. Reagents are automatically added to the water to kill bacteria and odours, neutralize the pH, and remove pollutants such as oil, grease, dirt, and sludge.

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Environmentally Friendly

These reagents, which are commonly used in drinking water treatment, actually make the water much more environmentally friendly and less hazardous for personnel doing the washing. The treated water is then stored until needed for washing.

23,000+ Gallons/Day of Treated Water

Our water recycling systems are available in sizes to treat up to 23,000 or more gallons per day of wash water, much more than your washing operation is likely to generate. Most operations will find the WRS 32 to be the ideal water recycle system. If you operate 2 or more large pressure washers, the WRS 42 and WRS 52 are available to supply plenty of treated water. The added capacity provides a "cushion of comfort" and ensures that you will always have sufficient treated water available for washing. If your wash water usage is low, you may be able to utilize the more compact and more economical WRS 12 or WRS 12+.

How It Saves You Money

As it operates, the WRS Recycle System measures the amount of water in the entire system and adds clean make up water from your supply when required. Your water usage will decrease dramatically, but more importantly, concerns about illegal discharges are eliminated. Sewer charges, which are often substantial, may be reduced or eliminated. Since your wash water is recycled in a closed loop and is not discharged, fines and other potential legal proceedings are no longer a threat.

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Accessories for Special Needs

Accessories are available to help make the installation of your recycle system simple and easy, and to provide even better water quality. Above ground pit systems can be quickly installed, eliminating the cost and time constraints of excavating and pouring concrete. Pre-treatment equipment, such as oil skimmers and oily water separators, are valuable when a large amount of oil or grease is present. Additional treated water storage capacity can be added for extreme high-demand installations. Activated carbon final polishing can improve the water quality to provide improved rinsing when desired. Ozone odour and bacteria control can be added to ensure even better control of these important factors. Larger size systems are available, custom-designed to your requirements. Other options are available, and custom features can be added when desired.

Explore our products

WRS 12 AND WRS 12+

WRS 12 AND WRS 12+

The WRS 12 and WRS 12+ Water Recycle Systems are designed to solve wash water disposal problems for the smaller user.

WRS 32

WRS 12

The WRS 32 Recycle System is designed to solve your wash water disposal problems.

WRS 42

WRS 42

The WRS 42 Recycle System is designed to solve wash water disposal problems for the high volume user.

WRS 52

WRS 52

The WRS 52 Recycle System is designed to solve wash water disposal problems for the very high volume user.

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