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Water Filter System Helps Car Washes Save

Do you wish you could find a way to filter your high volume of water, rather than having it wash down the drain, harm the environment and threaten employees’ health? Use Cascade Water Recycle Systems’ water filter system and be eco-friendly. Our expert technicians will even come install the system for you.

How It Works

The WFS Series Water Filter Systems are designed to handle high volumes of industrial waste water. These completely automatic treatment units will collect your dirty wash water and process it so that it can be reused in the washing operation. The WFS draws the wash water from your collection sump and transfers it to the holding and collection tank. The solids separator removes much of the heavy sand and grit and deposits it in the collection container for disposal. Additional solids that settle in the holding tank are also deposited in the collection container.

The Filter System not only cleans the water, but also adds an oxidizer reagent to kill bacteria and odours. The oxidizer is used to make the water more environmentally friendly and less hazardous for personnel doing the washing. Rinsing normally uses fresh water which is collected with the wash water. Any excess water can be automatically disposed of as treated water, more easily achieving compliance with environmental regulations2

Illustration of how the WFS Water Filter System Works
Illustration of typical water filtration flow

Reduce or Eliminate Sewer Charges

WFS Series Water Filter System are available in sizes to treat up to 72,000 gallons of wash water per day, or more if needed. Even if you have a high volume car wash, a WFS Series is available to treat your wash water. The Filter System maintains the correct amount of water in the system, adding clean make up water from your supply or discharging excess treated water as required. Your water usage and expense will decrease dramatically. And sewer charges, which are often substantial, may be reduced significantly or even eliminated. Fresh water which is normally used for rinsing is added to the washing system. Any excess water can be automatically disposed of as treated water.

Accessories for Special Needs

Accessories are available to help make the installation of your WFS Water Filter System quick and easy. Larger discharge pumps can directly feed your washing system. Additional collection and settling tanks for convenient above ground installation are available. Oily water separators or oil skimmers can be provided if a large amount of oil is present. Additional treated water storage capacity can be added for extreme high demand installations. Activated carbon treatment can be utilized to improve quality water when desired. A pH adjustment system can correct the pH to a more desirable value. Ozone odour and bacteria control can be added to ensure even better control of these important factors. Other options are available, and custom features can be designed when desired.


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